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Norse Names Starting With “O”

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In the rich tapestry of Norse mythology and history, names play a significant role. Each name carries its own unique meaning and symbolism, reflecting the culture, beliefs, and stories of the ancient Norse people. In this article, we dive into the world of Norse names starting with the letter “O.” From legendary gods and heroic figures to intriguing and lesser-known names, you’ll discover a fascinating array of monikers that capture the essence of Norse heritage.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.OdinThe chief god in Norse mythology, associated with wisdom, war, and magic
2.OdrThe husband of Freyja, often associated with Odin
3.OthilaA rune symbolizing heritage, inheritance, and legacy
4.Orvar-OddrA legendary hero known for his adventures and battles
5.OsebergA famous Viking ship burial site in Norway
6.OttarA mortal man aided by Freyja in Norse mythology
7.OrmodA name from Norse sagas, meaning “heavy-hearted” or “sad”
8.OgmundA name found in Norse sagas, possibly a warrior or king
9.OlafA common name in Norse sagas, often linked to kings and heroes
10.OrmOld Norse word for “serpent” or “dragon”
11.OrnA name in Norse mythology, meaning “eagle”
12.OrlygA Norse name, possibly related to inheritance or heritage
13.OdAnother spelling for Odr, Freyja’s husband
14.OndottA name in Norse mythology or sagas
15.OrvarA name meaning “arrow” in Old Norse, linked to heroes
16.OskiOne of Odin’s names, meaning “god of wishes”
17.OdrorirThe mead cauldron in Norse mythology
18.OndvegA mythical stone or object in Norse mythology
19.Oski’s GiftA reference to Odin’s ability to grant wishes
20.OsvifA name in Norse sagas, potentially a wise man or chieftain
21.OrkneyA group of islands with significant Norse history
22.Oath RingA ring used in Norse rituals to swear oaths
23.OkolnirA place in Norse mythology, possibly a hall or realm
24.Oseberg ShipA well-preserved Viking ship found in the Oseberg burial mound
25.OdhranA name in Norse sagas, potentially related to Odr
26.OathswornA term for those who have sworn oaths in Norse culture
27.OndurdisA name in Norse mythology, potentially a goddess or valkyrie
28.OrustA name in Norse sagas, possibly referring to conflict or battle
29.OlvirA name found in Norse tales, possibly a warrior or bard
30.OtrA character in Norse mythology who could transform into an otter
31.OrmarrA name in Norse sagas, meaning “serpent army”
32.Osberg StyleAn art style found in the Oseberg ship, characteristic of Viking art
33.OrkOld Norse for “energy” or “force,” a concept in Norse culture
34.OrlygiA name in Norse mythology, potentially a giant or warrior
35.OsmundA name in Norse sagas, meaning “divine protection”
36.OlmodA name in Norse sagas, meaning “brave” or “furious”
37.OrustOld Norse for “battle,” a common theme in sagas
38.Odin’s RavensReferring to Huginn and Muninn, the two ravens of Odin
39.OndvegiA mythical object or concept in Norse sagas
40.Oseberg BurialThe burial site of a Viking ship, reflecting Norse culture
41.Oaken ShieldA symbol of protection and strength in Norse culture
42.OathbreakerA term for someone who violates an oath in Norse culture
43.OgmundarA variation of Ogmund, a name in Norse sagas
44.OrnamentsDecorative items commonly found in Norse art and archaeology
45.OdalAnother spelling for Othila, a rune symbolizing inheritance
46.Olaf’s SagaA story or saga related to a Norse figure named Olaf
47.Oath StoneA stone used in swearing oaths in Norse rituals
48.OndurOld Norse for “spirit” or “energy,” a concept in Norse mythology
49.Odin’s SpearReferring to Gungnir, the spear of Odin
50.Olmod the WiseA character in Norse sagas known for wisdom
Norse Names Starting With “O”

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