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Norse Names Starting With “P”

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In the vast tapestry of Norse mythology and history, names hold a special significance. They reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Norse people and often carry deep meanings. In this article, we embark on a journey through the realm of Norse names, specifically focusing on names that begin with the letter “P.” Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a writer in search of unique character names, or a soon-to-be parent seeking a distinctive name for your child, our exploration of these Norse names will provide you with a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.PorrAnother form of Thor, the god of thunder
2.PalladiumIn the broader mythological context, a safeguard or protection, possibly linked to Norse myths through analogy
3.PerunA Slavic deity of thunder and lightning, similar to Thor
4.Porr’s HammerReferring to Mjolnir, the legendary hammer of Thor
5.PerchtaA figure in Germanic folklore, sometimes linked with Norse beliefs
6.Porr’s StrengthA reference to the immense power of Thor
7.PaganismReferring to the pre-Christian beliefs, including Norse paganism
8.Porr’s ChariotThor’s mode of transportation, pulled by goats
9.PrudenceA virtue found in Norse sagas, similar to wisdom or foresight
10.PjalarA creative adaptation, possibly a name in Norse lore
11.Porr’s BattlesReferring to the various conflicts and fights of Thor
12.ProteanReflecting the shape-shifting abilities of Loki and others
13.Porr’s JourneysThe various adventures and quests undertaken by Thor
14.PeorthAn Anglo-Saxon rune, which may be linked to Norse practices
15.Pillar of YggdrasilReferring to the central structure of the Norse cosmos
16.Porr’s MightA term highlighting the might and strength of Thor
17.PenanceA concept in Norse culture, related to atonement and justice
18.Porr’s SonsReferring to Magni and Modi, the sons of Thor
19.Plight of BaldurThe story and tragedy surrounding the god Baldur
20.PolarisThe North Star, significant in Norse navigation
21.Prose EddaA modern term for Snorri Sturluson’s Edda, a source of Norse mythology
22.Porr’s EnemiesThe adversaries and foes faced by Thor in myths
23.Pagan BeliefsThe pre-Christian religious beliefs of the Norse people
24.Poetic InspirationA concept in Norse mythology, often linked to Odin and the Mead of Poetry
25.Porr’s QuestsVarious quests or missions undertaken by Thor
26.ParagonA term for an exemplar or model, possibly linked to Norse heroes
27.Pillars of AsgardReferring to the foundations or strongholds of the gods’ realm
28.Porr’s AdventuresThe various tales and exploits of Thor
29.ProphecyA significant aspect of Norse mythology, often linked to the Norns
30.Porr’s PowerThe formidable power and strength of Thor
31.Pagan RitualsThe traditional religious practices of the Norse people
32.Porr’s WrathThe fury and anger of Thor, especially in battle
33.PantheonThe collective gods of Norse mythology
34.Porr’s LegacyThe enduring impact and influence of Thor in Norse culture
35.ProvidenceThe protective care of the gods, a concept in Norse belief
36.PilgrimageA journey to a sacred place, a practice in ancient Norse culture
37.Porr’s ChallengesThe various trials and tribulations faced by Thor
38.Porr’s TriumphsThe victories and successes of Thor
39.PrimordialReferring to the ancient and original forces in Norse cosmology
40.Porr’s VengeanceThe acts of retribution carried out by Thor
41.PurificationA ritual or process in Norse culture, often linked to spiritual practices
42.Porr’s ValorThe bravery and courage of Thor
43.Pictish StonesAncient stones with carvings, some linked to Norse culture
44.Porr’s AegisThe protection or backing of Thor, in a metaphorical sense
45.PremonitionThe sense of foreboding or foresight in Norse sagas
46.Porr’s AlliesThe companions and allies who aid Thor
47.ProgenyReferring to the descendants or offspring in Norse myths
48.Porr’s FuryAnother term for the anger and ferocity of Thor
49.PrescienceThe ability to foresee events, a trait of some Norse gods
50.Porr’s DomainThe realm or areas associated with Thor, such as storms and warfare
Norse Names Starting With “P”

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