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Norse Names Starting With “R”

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Exploring the world of Norse names is like embarking on a fascinating journey through Viking history and mythology. In this article, we delve into a collection of intriguing Norse names that all share a common starting point – the letter “R.” Whether you’re looking for a unique name for your child or simply curious about the rich heritage of these names, join us as we uncover the meaning and significance behind these captivating monikers.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.RagnarokThe end of the world in Norse mythology, a great battle
2.RatatoskrThe squirrel that runs up and down Yggdrasil
3.ReginA dwarf who plays a significant role in the Volsunga Saga
4.RánThe goddess of the sea who captures drowning sailors
5.RindrA giantess, the mother of Odin’s son Váli
6.RoskvaA servant of Thor
7.RostungA name in Norse mythology, possibly a character or place
8.RinghornThe ship of Balder, used in his funeral
9.Ragnar LodbrokA legendary Viking hero and king
10.RatiThe drill used by Odin to steal the mead of poetry
11.ReginleifA valkyrie in Norse mythology
12.RerirA character in the Volsunga Saga, father of Volsung
13.Rán’s NetThe tool Rán uses to capture sailors
14.RurikA Varangian prince, founder of the Rurik dynasty
15.RöskvaAnother spelling of Roskva, Thor’s servant
16.Ragnarok’s HarbingerA term for events or signs foreshadowing Ragnarok
17.RokkrThe twilight of the gods, another term for Ragnarok
18.RjupaA name in Norse mythology, possibly a bird or creature
19.Runic InscriptionsAncient writings using the runic alphabet
20.RossthiofA name in Norse mythology, meaning “horse thief”
21.Ragnar’s SonsReferring to the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok
22.RagnhildA common name in Norse sagas, meaning “battle counsel”
23.RunestoneA stone with runic inscriptions, significant in Norse culture
24.Raud the StrongA character in Norse sagas known for his magical abilities
25.Rivers of ElivagarMythical rivers in Norse cosmology
26.RígsþulaAn Old Norse poem about the social order
27.Ring of DraupnirOdin’s magical gold ring that duplicates itself
28.Ragnorak’s DawnThe beginning or onset of Ragnarok
29.Rök StoneA famous runestone with an early runic inscription
30.Rolf KrakeA legendary Danish king in Norse sagas
31.Runic MagicThe use of runes for magical and divinatory purposes
32.Ragnar’s DrakkarReferring to the Viking ships of Ragnar Lodbrok
33.Rime GiantsFrost giants in Norse mythology
34.Rind’s SonReferring to Váli, the son of Rindr and Odin
35.Ragnarok’s FlamesThe fires associated with the destruction during Ragnarok
36.Runes of DestinyRunes used for divination and determining fate
37.Raud’s Sea-GoldA reference to the wealth or treasures of Raud the Strong
38.River GjollA river in Norse mythology that flows near Hel
39.Rolf’s SagaA saga recounting the tales of the legendary Rolf Krake
40.Ragnarok’s BattlesThe various conflicts that occur during Ragnarok
41.Runic AlphabetThe set of characters used in runic inscriptions
42.Raven BannerA flag used by Viking leaders, associated with Odin
43.Regin’s TreacheryReferring to the deceitful actions of the dwarf Regin
44.Rán’s DaughtersThe nine daughters of Rán, associated with waves
45.RostarA name in Norse mythology, possibly a warrior or figure
46.Rán’s HusbandReferring to Aegir, the sea giant and husband of Rán
47.Runic SpellsMagical incantations using runes
48.Ragnar’s DestinyThe fate or future of the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok
49.Realms of YggdrasilThe nine worlds supported by the World Tree, Yggdrasil
50.RúnatalA section of the Hávamál where Odin speaks of runes
Norse Names Starting With “R”

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