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Norse Names Starting With “V”

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In the realm of Norse mythology, names carry profound significance, reflecting the rich tapestry of gods, goddesses, and legendary figures. In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of Norse names that begin with the letter “V.” These names, rooted in ancient Norse culture, not only evoke a sense of history but also hold meanings and stories that resonate even in modern times.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.ValhallaThe hall of slain warriors, where they are gathered by Odin
2.ValkyriesFemale figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live
3.VanirA group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future
4.VidarA son of Odin known for his silence and strength
5.VöluspáA poem in the Poetic Edda telling of the creation of the world and its coming end
6.ViliA brother of Odin who helped create the world
7.VeAnother brother of Odin, involved in the creation of the world
8.VanaheimThe home of the Vanir gods
9.VafthrudnirA wise giant Odin challenges to a contest of knowledge
10.VölundrA legendary smith and central character in Völundarkviða
11.VarA goddess associated with oaths and agreements
12.VerdandiOne of the Norns, representing the present
13.ValiThe son of Odin and Rindr, known for avenging Balder’s death
14.VegvisirA magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather
15.VanaheimrAnother form of Vanaheim, the realm of the Vanir
16.VatnajökullA large glacier in Iceland, often associated with Norse mythology due to its grandeur and mystery
17.VölvaA female shaman and seer in Norse culture
18.VarangianReferring to the Vikings who served in the Byzantine Empire
19.VingolfThe hall where the goddesses gather
20.VíðarrAnother spelling of Vidar, Odin’s son
21.VingthorA name for Thor, meaning “battle thunder”
22.Vili and VeThe brothers of Odin who helped create the world
23.ValknutA symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles
24.VafthrudnismalA poem in the Poetic Edda where Odin consults the giant Vafthrudnir
25.VölundarkviðaA poem in the Poetic Edda about the legendary smith Völundr
26.Valkyrie’s ChoiceThe decision by a Valkyrie of who lives and dies in battle
27.VanadisAnother name for Freyja, one of the Vanir
28.Vatnsdæla SagaAn Icelandic saga narrating the history of the people of Vatnsdalur
29.VegtamA name used by Odin when he visits the seeress in Völuspá
30.Valkyries’ RideThe journey of the Valkyries from Valhalla to the battlefields
31.Vili’s WisdomThe intelligence and insight attributed to Odin’s brother Vili
32.VorA goddess associated with wisdom and foresight
33.VoluspaAnother form of Völuspá, the prophecy of the seeress
34.Ve’s CraftThe creative power and skill attributed to Odin’s brother Ve
35.VindheimA poetic name for the home of the wind, related to Norse mythology
36.Valhalla’s GatesThe entrance to the hall of fallen warriors in Asgard
37.Vanaheim’s WealthThe abundance and fertility associated with the Vanir’s realm
38.VingirA name in Norse mythology, possibly related to guardians or protectors
39.VolundAnother spelling of Völundr, the legendary smith
40.Vafthrudnir’s WisdomThe vast knowledge of the giant Vafthrudnir
41.VindalfA dwarf in Norse mythology
42.Valhalla’s HeroesThe warriors who reside in Valhalla after death in battle
43.Ve’s CourageThe bravery and strength attributed to Odin’s brother Ve
44.Volsunga SagaA legendary saga about the Volsung family
45.ValaskjalfOdin’s high seat in Asgard
46.VingnirA name in Norse mythology, possibly a giant or god
47.Vili’s StrengthThe power and force attributed to Odin’s brother Vili
48.VolsungA hero in the Volsunga Saga, ancestor of Sigurd
49.Vingthor’s MightThe might and power of Thor, also known as Vingthor
50.Vili’s CreationReferring to the role of Vili in the creation of the world
Norse Names Starting With “V”

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