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Norse Names Starting With “W”

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In the rich tapestry of Norse mythology and history, names hold a special significance, often reflecting the profound beliefs and values of the Viking culture. In this article, we embark on a journey through the world of Norse names that begin with the letter “W.” These names are not only unique and intriguing but also carry with them tales of valor, gods, and heroes that have left an indelible mark on Norse heritage. So, whether you’re seeking inspiration for a character, exploring your Norse roots, or simply fascinated by the allure of these ancient names, join us as we delve into the captivating realm of Norse nomenclature.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.WodenAnother name for Odin, particularly in Anglo-Saxon tradition
2.WalhallaAn alternate spelling of Valhalla, the hall of fallen warriors
3.WyrdA concept akin to fate or destiny in Norse mythology
4.WotanAnother variant of Odin’s name, used in Germanic mythology
5.WelundA version of Völundr (Wayland), a legendary smith
6.Weland’s SwordThe magical sword crafted by the smith Welund (Völundr)
7.Wolf FenrirThe monstrous wolf, child of Loki, destined to fight Odin
8.WagnasA variation of Vagn, a name appearing in Norse sagas
9.War of the AesirReferring to battles or conflicts involving the Aesir gods
10.Weland’s RevengeThe acts of vengeance undertaken by the smith Welund
11.Winter NightsA festival marking the beginning of winter in Norse culture
12.Wotan’s WisdomThe deep knowledge and insight attributed to Odin (Wotan)
13.Warriors of ValhallaThe fallen heroes chosen by the Valkyries for Valhalla
14.WanesAnother term for the Vanir, a group of Norse deities
15.Weland’s SkillThe exceptional craftsmanship of the smith Welund
16.Wanderer OdinReferring to Odin’s travels and quests throughout the worlds
17.Weland’s RingA magical ring crafted by Welund, imbued with powers
18.Wolves of RagnarokThe wolves involved in the events of Ragnarok
19.Woden’s SacrificeOdin’s self-sacrifice for knowledge, hung upon Yggdrasil
20.Weland’s FlightThe escape or journey of Welund from captivity
21.Whispers of SeidrThe magical practices and prophecies in Norse witchcraft
22.Wotan’s EyeThe eye Odin sacrificed for wisdom
23.Weland’s CaptivityThe period during which Welund was held captive
24.Woden’s DayWednesday, named after Odin (Woden) in Germanic tradition
25.Weland’s SmithyThe forge or workplace of the smith Welund
26.Wolves of OdinThe wolves Geri and Freki, companions of Odin
27.Walpurgis NightA celebration in Germanic folklore, linked to Norse beliefs
28.Wotan’s QuestsThe various endeavors and missions of Odin (Wotan)
29.Weland’s StrengthThe power and resilience of the smith Welund
30.Whispering RunesThe runes as sources of secret knowledge and magic
31.Wolves of MidgardThe wolves in Norse mythology associated with the mortal world
32.Weapons of the GodsThe various magical weapons wielded by Norse deities
33.Wotan’s RavensHuginn and Muninn, the two ravens of Odin (Wotan)
34.Weland’s RevengeThe retribution sought by Welund for his suffering
35.Water of MimirThe well of wisdom guarded by Mimir
36.Woden’s WanderingsThe travels and explorations of Odin (Woden)
37.Wolves of AsgardThe wolves associated with the realm of the gods
38.World SerpentJormungandr, the giant serpent encircling Midgard
39.Wotan’s KnowledgeThe vast wisdom and understanding of Odin (Wotan)
40.Weland’s CraftsThe various items and artifacts forged by Welund
41.Wotan’s PowerThe formidable abilities and might of Odin (Wotan)
42.Whispers of OdinThe messages and communications from Odin (Wotan)
43.Winter SolsticeAn important astronomical event in Norse culture
44.Weland’s FateThe destiny or outcome of the smith Welund’s life
45.Wotan’s CunningThe craftiness and strategic thinking of Odin (Wotan)
46.War of the AesirReferring to the battles or conflicts involving the Aesir gods
47.Weland’s LegacyThe enduring impact and influence of the smith Welund
48.Wotan’s SacrificesThe various offerings and losses endured by Odin (Wotan)
49.Weland’s SorrowThe grief and suffering experienced by Welund
50.Woden’s BattlesThe various conflicts and struggles of Odin (Woden)
Norse Names Starting With “W”

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