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Norse Names Starting With “A”

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Welcome to our exploration of Norse names starting with the letter “A.” Norse mythology and history are rich with intriguing names, each with its own unique meaning and significance. Whether you’re researching names for a character, a baby, or simply satisfying your curiosity, this article will delve into the captivating world of Norse names that begin with the letter A.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.AegirNorse god of the sea
2.AndhrímnirThe cook of the gods
3.AsgardThe home of the Aesir, a group of gods
4.AlvisA dwarf known for his wisdom
5.AudhumlaThe primeval cow from whose milk the first being was created
6.AngrbodaA giantess and the mother of some of Loki’s children
7.AesirThe principal pantheon of Norse gods
8.AskThe first man in Norse mythology, created from an ash tree
9.AlfheimThe realm of the Light Elves
10.ArvakOne of the horses that pulls the sun’s chariot
11.AtlaA river in Norse mythology
12.AskrAnother form of Ask, the first man
13.AlsvinOne of the horses that pulls the sun’s chariot
14.AlfarThe elves in Norse mythology
15.AurbodaA giantess in Norse mythology
16.AndlangA mythical location in Norse cosmology
17.AmsvartnerA dark sea in Norse mythology
18.AsynjurFemale deities in Norse mythology
19.AngerbodaAlternate spelling of Angrboda
20.AlgronA mythical name or concept in Norse lore
21.AsvidA figure in Norse mythology
22.ArvidA mortal hero or figure in Norse tales
23.AsmundA warrior or hero name in Norse sagas
24.ArnorA name used in Norse sagas, possibly of a warrior or king
25.AlthjofA name in Norse tales, meaning ‘very thief’ or ‘all thief’
26.AstaA name found in Norse sagas, possibly of a queen or princess
27.ArmodA character in Norse mythology
28.ArngrimA warrior or hero in Norse legends
29.AslaugA name in Norse tales, possibly a princess or seeress
30.AudunA mortal name, used in Norse sagas
31.AlrikA king or warrior’s name in Norse legends
32.AsgeirA common Norse name, possibly for a warrior or sage
33.AstriolA mythical or poetic name in Norse lore
34.AtleA variation of Atli, a king or hero in Norse sagas
35.AsmundarA character in Norse mythology
36.AudrA name in Norse mythology, meaning wealth or prosperity
37.AltiA name in Norse sagas, possibly a variant of Atli
38.AsgerdA goddess or noblewoman’s name in Norse mythology
39.AsgardreidA term related to Asgard or the journey to it
40.AlvaA name meaning elf or supernatural being in Norse lore
41.ArnA short form of names like Arne or Arnor in Norse sagas
42.AsbrandA warrior or hero’s name in Norse tales
43.AudhildA name found in Norse tales, possibly a princess or warrior
44.AskelA name in Norse mythology, possibly a dwarf or elf
45.AtliA king or ruler’s name in Norse sagas
46.AsmundrA warrior or hero’s name in Norse mythology
47.ArinbjornA name in Norse sagas, possibly of a bear-warrior
48.AsvaldA name in Norse mythology or sagas
49.AlfriggA dwarf’s name in Norse mythology
50.AsvardA name in Norse tales, possibly a king or nobleman
Norse Names Starting With “A”

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