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Norse Names Starting With “S”

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In the rich tapestry of Norse mythology and culture, names hold a special significance. Names were not just labels; they were powerful identifiers that often carried stories, meanings, and connections to the realms of gods and mortals. In this exploration of Norse names starting with the letter “S,” we delve into the captivating world of the Northmen, uncovering the intriguing stories and symbolism behind these names and their relevance in modern times.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.SleipnirOdin’s eight-legged horse
2.SifThe goddess with golden hair, wife of Thor
3.SkadiA jötunn and goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains
4.SurtrThe fire giant who plays a major role in Ragnarok
5.SigurdA legendary hero of Norse mythology
6.SvartalfheimThe realm of the dwarfs
7.SkollA wolf that chases the sun
8.Surt’s FireThe flames wielded by Surtr during Ragnarok
9.SindriA dwarf who crafted magical items for the gods
10.Sleipnir’s SpeedReferring to the swiftness of Odin’s horse
11.SigynThe wife of Loki
12.SessrumnirFreyja’s hall in Asgard
13.SkirnirFreyr’s messenger and servant
14.SvalbardAn island group representing the ultimate northern border, sometimes mentioned in Norse sagas
15.SolThe goddess of the sun
16.SvefnthornA magical sleep thorn used in Norse mythology
17.SkuldOne of the Norns, associated with the future
18.Sigurd’s HorseGrani, a horse descended from Sleipnir
19.Sleipnir’s JourneyThe various travels and adventures of Sleipnir
20.SkrymirA giant encountered by Thor and Loki
21.Skadi’s RevengeSkadi’s actions after the death of her father, Thjazi
22.SkofnungA legendary sword in Norse sagas
23.SvipdagA character in Norse mythology who undergoes various quests
24.Sigurd’s DragonFafnir, whom Sigurd slays
25.SkogulOne of the Valkyries
26.Surt’s SwordThe weapon used by the fire giant Surtr
27.SagaThe goddess of history and storytelling
28.SveigdirA king in Norse mythology
29.Sif’s Golden HairThe hair of the goddess Sif, famously made by dwarfs
30.SynA goddess associated with watchfulness and truth
31.SuttungrA jötunn who owned the mead of poetry
32.Skadi’s HuntReferring to the goddess Skadi’s skills in hunting
33.SimekAn author of works on Norse mythology
34.Sigurd’s SwordGram, the sword used by Sigurd to kill Fafnir
35.Sif’s LoyaltyThe faithfulness of Thor’s wife, Sif
36.Sleipnir’s OffspringThe descendants or children of Sleipnir
37.SvartalfarAnother term for dwarfs in Norse mythology
38.Sigurd’s WisdomThe knowledge and insight of the hero Sigurd
39.Sessrumnir’s FeastsThe gatherings held in Freyja’s hall
40.Snorri SturlusonThe Icelandic historian and writer who authored the Prose Edda
41.Skirnir’s JourneyThe quests and travels of Skirnir
42.Sif’s PrideA reference to the dignity and beauty of the goddess Sif
43.Sigyn’s DevotionThe dedication and loyalty of Loki’s wife, Sigyn
44.Skoll’s PursuitThe ceaseless chase of the sun by the wolf Skoll
45.SvalinnA shield that protects from the sun’s heat in Norse mythology
46.Skadi’s MarriageSkadi’s union with Njord following the death of her father
47.Sleipnir’s GallopThe swift and powerful movement of Odin’s horse
48.Sigurd’s BraveryThe courage and heroism of Sigurd
49.Skoll and HatiThe wolves that chase the sun and moon
50.SvipulA Valkyrie’s name in Norse mythology
Norse Names Starting With S

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