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Selene vs Erebus: Heroes of Greek Mythology

Published by Zain ul Abideen

Selene and Erebus are two prominent figures in Greek mythology, known for their unique characteristics and contributions to ancient myths and legends.

Selene, the goddess of the moon, is often depicted as a beautiful woman driving a chariot across the night sky, illuminating the world with her gentle light. Erebus, on the other hand, is the personification of darkness and shadows, often associated with the primordial realm of the underworld.

Comparison Table of Selene and Erebus

ParentageDaughter of Hyperion and TheiaSon of Chaos
Main QuestGuiding her moon chariot across the night skyRuling over the darkness and shadows of the underworld
Divine HelpersThe Titans, specifically her parentsPrimordial deities associated with darkness
Famous ForBringing light to the night and influencing lunar cyclesPersonifying darkness and the realm of shadows
WeaknessesVulnerability to eclipses and fading moonlightEmpowerment of other dark deities and beings
Key AttributesBeauty, serenity, illuminationMystery, darkness, depth

Powers and Mythological Stories


Selene possesses the power to control the night and the moon, able to illuminate the darkness with her gentle light. As the Titan goddess of the moon, she is often depicted driving her chariot across the night sky, bringing light to the world.

In mythological stories, Selene is known for her love affair with the mortal Endymion, with whom she had fifty daughters. She is also associated with the story of the beautiful youth, Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection.


Erebus is a primordial deity representing darkness and shadow. He has the power to envelop the world in a deep, impenetrable darkness, instilling fear and uncertainty in those who encounter him. Erebus is often depicted as a mysterious and foreboding figure, ruling over the dark reaches of the Underworld.

In mythological stories, Erebus is closely linked to Nyx, the goddess of night, with whom he fathered numerous powerful deities, including Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death). He is a figure of immense power and influence in the realm of darkness.

Who Would Win in a Fight?

In a mythical confrontation between Selene and Erebus, the outcome would heavily depend on the battlefield and circumstances. Selene’s ability to bring light and clarity could potentially counter Erebus’s shroud of darkness, while Erebus’s ominous presence may unsettle Selene’s serene nature.

Power Ratings

HeroBraveryStrategical ThinkingWarrior SkillHonorLeadership


In conclusion, Selene and Erebus both possess unique powers and mythological significance that set them apart as formidable figures in Greek mythology. Selene’s control over the moon and her association with light contrasts with Erebus’s dominion over darkness and shadow.

While Selene exhibits strong leadership and honor, Erebus demonstrates strategic thinking and warrior skill. Ultimately, the outcome of a mythical confrontation between Selene and Erebus would be a fascinating clash of opposing forces, with neither hero having a clear advantage over the other.

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