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Aztec Names Starting With “T”

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In the rich tapestry of Aztec culture, names held a profound significance. Each Aztec name was carefully chosen to reflect the individual’s personality, heritage, or the circumstances of their birth. In this article, we delve into the world of Aztec names beginning with the letter “T.” From their deep-rooted traditions to the meanings behind these names, we’ll explore the fascinating history of Aztec nomenclature, shedding light on the beautiful and meaningful names that graced this ancient civilization.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.TlalocGod of rain and water, one of the chief deities
2.TezcatlipocaA central deity associated with the night sky and earth
3.TonatiuhThe sun god, associated with the daytime and war
4.TlaltecuhtliEarth goddess, associated with creation and the earth
5.TlahuizcalpantecuhtliMorning star deity, associated with Venus
6.TlazolteotlGoddess of filth and purification, associated with carnality
7.TenochtitlanThe capital city of the Aztec Empire
8.TlalocanA paradise realm associated with Tlaloc
9.TzitzimitlDemonic entities associated with the stars
10.TochtliRabbit, a symbol in Aztec mythology
11.TamoanchanA mythical origin place of the gods
12.TecciztecatlA lunar deity, associated with the moon
13.TzapotlatenanA healing goddess, associated with herbal medicine
14.TociAn epithet of Tonantzin, an earth and mother goddess
15.Tlilli TlapalliThe Nahuatl term for the black and red inks used in writing
16.TlacolotlA mythical creature or concept, associated with evil
17.TlapallanA mythical place of origin or a color red
18.TexcocoA city-state in the Aztec Empire, known for its cultural achievements
19.TlahuicolA famed warrior or a concept of warriorhood
20.TlacoNahuatl for “the middle,” a term in Aztec society
21.TeotlThe Nahuatl term for deity or divine essence
22.TelpochcalliA school for Aztec youth, particularly for commoners
23.TepoztecatlGod of pulque and the harvest, associated with Tepoztlan
24.TlalchiachA term in Aztec culture, possibly a name or title
25.TlazoltéotlGoddess of lust and transgression
26.TlalocayotlA term related to Tlaloc or his worship
27.TlatocayotlConcept of lordship or authority in Aztec society
28.TlahuiztliA term for ornament or decoration in Aztec culture
29.TlazomahuiztliJoy or pleasure, a concept in Aztec culture
30.TlalpanhuehuetlA term in Aztec culture, possibly a name or title
31.Tlacatecolotl“Man-owl,” a term for a sorcerer or ominous being
32.TlacateccatlA military title, roughly equivalent to “general”
33.TlachinolliA term meaning “burnt earth,” associated with war
34.Tlaloc TlamacazquiPriest of Tlaloc, a religious title
35.TlachihualiztliA term for childbirth or creation
36.TlapanecA people or culture associated with the Aztecs
37.TlacuilolliA term for writing or painted manuscripts
38.TlilliBlack, a color with various associations in Aztec culture
39.TlacotliA term for captive or slave in Aztec society
40.TlachcoThe ball court, an important part of Aztec society
41.TlalocanThe paradise of Tlaloc, a realm in Aztec belief
42.TlamatiniA wise person or learned individual in Aztec culture
43.TlaliqueA term in Aztec culture, possibly a name or title
44.TlamatquiA sage or learned person
45.TlaltempanquiA term in Aztec culture, possibly a name or title
46.TlazotéotlGoddess of filth, vice, and purification
47.TlamachtliA term for a type of offering or tribute
48.TlatilolliA term for black earth or soil
49.TlamacoA term for a person who gives or offers something
50.TlalpilliA term for a cloak or covering in Aztec attire
Aztec Names Starting With “T”

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