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Aztec Names Starting With “Y”

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In the rich tapestry of Aztec culture and history, names played a significant role. Each Aztec name carried deep meanings, often tied to nature, spirituality, or the characteristics of the individual. In this article, we delve into Aztec names that begin with the letter “Y,” uncovering their unique stories and significance in the fascinating world of Aztec nomenclature.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.YacatecuhtliGod of merchants and travelers
2.YaotlNahuatl word for enemy or warrior
3.YolotliNahuatl word for heart, symbolizing life and vitality
4.YohualtecuhtliLord of the night, a title for a deity or spiritual concept
5.Yancuic XochitlNew flower, symbolizing renewal or new beginnings
6.YohualichanPlace of night, a term for a celestial or mythological location
7.YolotlAnother form of Yolotli, meaning heart
8.YolticNahuatl word for alive or living
9.YohualliNahuatl word for night, associated with darkness and the unknown
10.YecapixtlaA place name in the Aztec Empire
11.YautliA type of herb used in Aztec culture
12.YoloxochitlFlower of the heart, a symbol of love and beauty
13.YancuicNahuatl word for new, fresh, or recent
14.YacatlNahuatl word for nose or point, possibly in geographical terms
15.YolihuaniGiver of life, a term for deities or natural forces
16.YolteotlHeart of the god, symbolizing divine essence or spirit
17.YohualticRelated to the night, used in context with darkness or the unseen
18.YaotlatoaniWar leader, a title for military commanders
19.YolloxoxouhquiGreen heart, possibly a term for vegetation or growth
20.YolcatlNahuatl word for animal, significant in Aztec culture
21.YayauhquiNahuatl word for black or dark, often used in names
22.Yohualli EhecatlNight wind, a term for a natural or mythological concept
23.YecapixtecatlA variant of Yecapixtla, a place name
24.Yancuic OhtliNew path, symbolizing new beginnings or directions
25.YuhcayotlNahuatl word for essence or substance
26.YacapitzahuacA term or name in Aztec culture, possibly a title or descriptor
27.YohualpicaRelated to night or darkness, a term in Aztec culture
28.Yolnahui OllinHeart of movement, symbolizing change or dynamism
29.YehhuatlNahuatl word meaning self or oneself, used in personal contexts
30.YolteotliAnother form of Yolteotl, heart of the god
31.YuhcatlNahuatl word for top or summit, possibly in geographical terms
32.YoztlahuicNahuatl word meaning bloody or blood-red
33.YaocihuatlWarrior woman, a term for female warriors or deities
34.YancuicatlNew song, symbolizing new expressions or ideas
35.YauhcoatlThe fire serpent, a symbol or mythological figure
36.YoloxochiAnother form of Yoloxochitl, flower of the heart
37.YopicoA place name in Aztec culture
38.YohuallapanPlace of the night, a term for a celestial or mythological location
39.Yancuic TlalliNew earth, symbolizing renewal or a new beginning
40.YaocuicatlSong of war, a term for songs or chants related to battle
41.YauhtliA type of herb used in Aztec ceremonies
42.YoltecuaniHeart taker, possibly a term for a deity or concept
43.YolitzinRevered heart, a term of respect or endearment
44.Yohualli TototlNight bird, possibly a term for nocturnal creatures
45.YoliztliLife, a term for the essence of being
46.YolotzinLittle heart, a term of endearment
47.YauhpitzahuacA term or name in Aztec culture, possibly a title or descriptor
48.YehhuatzinNahuatl word meaning yourself, used in personal contexts
49.Yohualli TlacatlMan of the night, possibly referring to a nocturnal deity or concept
50.YohualahuanatzinA term or name in Aztec culture, possibly a title or descriptor
Aztec Names Starting With “Y”

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