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Aztec Names Starting with “A”

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In the vibrant tapestry of Aztec culture, names hold a profound significance, reflecting not only individual identities but also the rich history and beliefs of this ancient civilization. In this exploration of “Aztec Names Starting with Letter A,” we delve into the intriguing world of Aztec nomenclature, uncovering the meanings and cultural context behind these captivating names that begin with the letter A.

1.AtlWaterCommon element in Aztec mythology
2.AhuitzotlWater dogMythical creature, a water-dwelling monster
3.AxolotlWater monsterSalamander species, often mythologized
4.AmoxtliBookTerm for books in the Aztec culture
5.AtlacamaniStorm watersGoddess of storms and hurricanes
6.AyauhteotlMist and hazeGoddess of mist, fog, and fame
7.AtlatoninMother of watersAnother name for the goddess Chalchiuhtlicue
8.AhpuchGod of deathMayan deity, associated with Aztec Mictlantecuhtli
9.AhuicWaters runningAztec goddess of streams
10.AtlauaWaterAztec water god, also associated with archery
11.AtlacoyaWater bearerGoddess associated with droughts
12.ApizacoThin water placePlace name in Aztec geography
13.AcolmiztliStrong armMythological creature, a jaguar-like monster
14.AcuecucyoticihuatiGoddess of oceansGoddess of the ocean
15.AmimitlArcher of the waterGod associated with fishing and hunting
16.AcatlReedCommon element in Aztec names and mythology
17.AhuiateteoPleasure godsGods of excess and pleasure
18.AhuianimePleasurable womenGoddesses associated with love and pleasure
19.AtototlBird, waterfowlAnimal name in Nahuatl language
20.AtlapexcoWater on the bankPlace name in Aztec geography
21.AtzcapotzalcoAnt hill at the water’s edgePlace name in Aztec geography
22.AhuizotlWater dogMythical creature, associated with sacrifice
23.AtemoztliDescent of waterRainy season in Aztec calendar
24.AtzintliLittle waterTerm used in Nahuatl language
25.AzcapotzalcoIn the place of the anthillsPlace name in Aztec geography
26.AtlacoyaWater bearerGoddess associated with droughts
27.AyauhteotlThe embodiment of mistGoddess of mist and haze
28.AmantecayotlArt of shooting arrowsTerm in Aztec warfare
29.AtlachinolliBurning waterSymbol representing war and sacrifice
30.AtotolinWater fowlBird species in Aztec mythology
31.AtlapalliWater wingTerm used in Aztec mythology
32.AtlatlahucaPlace where water is gatheredPlace name in Aztec geography
33.AtotoztliSomething precious in waterName in Aztec culture
34.AtlpamoloniHe who divides the watersDeity or person associated with water
35.AtzitzimitlWater of the moonTerm used in Aztec mythology
36.AztlanPlace of heronsMythical place of origin for the Aztec people
37.AztlánPlace of whitenessAnother name for the mythical Aztlan
38.AmoxtinBook personTerm for a person associated with books
39.AhuiliztliJoy of waterName in Aztec culture
40.ApanecatlWater dwellerName in Aztec culture
41.ApozonalotlFoam of the waterDeity or entity associated with water
42.AquiauhtzinNoble water personName in Aztec culture
43.AtlachinolWater destroyerTerm in Aztec warfare or mythology
44.AtlanxochitlWater flowerTerm used in Aztec culture
45.AtonatiuhWater sunTerm used in Aztec mythology
46.AmaxacatlWater peopleTerm used in Aztec culture
47.AmoxcalliHouse of booksTerm for a place where books are kept
48.AhuianimeDesirable womenTerm for beautiful women in Aztec culture
49.AhuixotlWater monsterMythical creature in Aztec mythology
50.AxayacatlFace of waterAztec emperor, term in Aztec culture
Aztec Names Starting with “A”

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