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Norse Names Starting With “I”

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Exploring the rich tapestry of Norse mythology and culture, this article delves into names that begin with the letter “I.” From legendary gods and goddesses to historical figures and unique monikers, Norse names offer a glimpse into a fascinating world of meaning and tradition.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.IdunGoddess of youth and rejuvenation
2.IvaldiA dwarf who fathered many skilled beings
3.Idunn’s ApplesMagical apples that grant eternal youthfulness
4.IrpaA lesser-known figure in Norse mythology
5.Ingvi-FreyrAnother name for the god Freyr
6.IvingA river that separates the worlds of the living and the dead
7.IðunnAlternative spelling of Idun
8.IormungandAnother name for Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent
9.IsalfA minor figure or name in Norse mythology
10.IthunnVariant of Idun, the goddess of youth
11.Iving RiverAnother name for the river Iving
12.IsaA rune representing ice and stasis
13.IthiA lesser-known figure or name in Norse mythology
14.IdiOne of the dwarfs in Norse mythology
15.Ithunn’s ApplesVariant spelling for Idunn’s apples
16.IngA name or deity associated with fertility in Norse mythology
17.IlmrA lesser-known figure in Norse mythology
18.ImdA minor name or figure in Norse mythology
19.IfingThe river that separates Asgard from Jotunheim
20.InnangardThe inner world, representing order in Norse cosmology
21.IdjaA lesser-known entity in Norse mythology
22.IrminA name sometimes associated with a godly or heroic figure in Germanic mythology
23.IthunAnother spelling variation of Idun
24.IvaldissonA term referring to the sons of Ivaldi, skilled craftsmen
25.IarnsaxaA giantess and lover of Thor
26.IringA name that appears in Norse tales, possibly a warrior
27.Isa RuneThe ice rune, symbolizing standstill or challenges
28.IdisiFemale spirits or deities in Norse and Germanic mythology
29.IngviAnother name for the god Freyr, associated with fertility
30.IvarA name found in Norse sagas, possibly a king or warrior
31.IborA minor character in Norse mythology
32.IdgjarnA name in Norse mythology, possibly related to iron
33.IthiA variation of Ithi, a lesser-known Norse figure
34.IdmoldA name in Norse mythology, potentially a sage or mystic
35.IalkrA name or term in Norse mythology, possibly an animal or creature
36.IthunnAnother variation of Idun, the goddess of youth
37.Iving’s WatersReferring to the mythical river Iving
38.Ingunar-FreyrAn epithet for Freyr, emphasizing his fertility aspects
39.Iving’s StreamAnother term for the river Iving
40.ItreksjodA name in Norse mythology, possibly a location or object
41.IngjaldA name found in Norse sagas, perhaps a ruler or noble
42.IðiA dwarf in Norse mythology
43.IriOne of the dwarfs in Norse mythology
44.Isa’s ColdA metaphor for the cold or challenges represented by the Isa rune
45.IvaldeA variant of Ivaldi, the skilled dwarf
46.Ifing’s WatersWaters of the river Ifing, separating realms
47.InsteinA name in Norse mythology or sagas
48.Ithi’s KinReferring to the relatives or kin of Ithi
49.IldA term meaning fire in Old Norse
50.Iving’s BankThe banks of the river Iving, a mythical boundary
Norse Names Starting With “I”

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