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Norse Names Starting With “D”

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In the captivating world of Norse mythology, names hold profound significance, often reflecting the strength, valor, and unique characteristics of legendary figures and gods. In this exploration of “Norse Names Starting with Letter D,” we delve into a diverse array of names that resonate with the rich tapestry of Viking heritage. From the mighty and revered to the lesser-known yet equally intriguing, these names not only offer a glimpse into Norse culture but also make for fascinating choices for those seeking unique and powerful names for their own purposes.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.DagrThe personification of day in Norse mythology
2.DraupnirThe magical gold ring owned by Odin
3.DvalinnA dwarf known from various Norse myths and sagas
4.DurinA dwarf in Norse mythology
5.DellingrThe god of dawn in Norse mythology
6.DisirFemale spirits or deities in Norse mythology
7.DanpiA dwarf whose name appears in Norse mythological sources
8.DainnA dwarf or, in some accounts, an elf
9.DagrA horse associated with the day in Norse mythology
10.DvalinAlternate spelling of Dvalinn, the dwarf
11.DagrunA female name, possibly a Valkyrie or mythological figure
12.DyrinA name that could be associated with a dwarf or creature
13.DwarvesThe race of dwarves, skilled craftsmen in Norse legends
14.DagThe god representing the day, variant of Dagr
15.DainsleifA legendary, cursed sword in Norse mythology
16.DellingA variation of Dellingr, the god of dawn
17.Dvalins DelightRefers to the sun, described in some Norse poems
18.Dark ElvesElves of Svartalfheim, differing from the Light Elves
19.DockalfarAnother term for Dark Elves in Norse mythology
20.DuneyrrOne of the stags that eat the leaves of Yggdrasil
21.DunaA female figure or spirit, possibly related to the Disir
22.DurathrorAnother stag of Yggdrasil, the world tree
23.DyrathrorA variation of Durathror, a stag in Norse mythology
24.DainA stag that lives among the branches of Yggdrasil
25.DromiOne of the chains used to bind the wolf Fenrir
26.DrifaA female name, possibly associated with snow or a Valkyrie
27.DuvaA name that could refer to a dwarf or mythological figure
28.DraugrUndead beings in Norse mythology
29.DainnOne of the four stags of Yggdrasil
30.DalkA name that could be associated with a dwarf in Norse lore
31.DolkA name possibly related to a weapon or warrior
32.DolgthrasirA dwarf or heroic figure in Norse mythology
33.Delling’s SonRefers to Dellingr’s offspring, possibly the god Dag
34.DraugAnother term for Draugr, the undead
35.DuskA name representing the evening, reflecting Norse cosmology
36.DyrA name that could refer to an animal or beast in Norse lore
37.DrapnirA variation of Draupnir, Odin’s magical ring
38.Dvalinn’s KinRefers to the relatives or descendants of the dwarf Dvalinn
39.DrekkingarhylurThe location where Brynhildr was condemned to sleep
40.DronkeA term that could be associated with drinking or feasting
41.Dvalinn’s DelightAnother term for the sun or light, related to Dvalinn
42.Delling’s GateA poetic term for the dawn or the east
43.DwarvenAdjective relating to dwarves or their craft
44.DrangeyAn island, significant in some Norse sagas
45.DalesfolkPeople from the valleys, a term in Norse culture
46.DromundA name that could refer to a warrior or legendary figure
47.DrifandiA name suggesting drifting or flowing, possibly a river
48.Draugr’s KinReferring to the relatives or types of undead beings
49.Dusky ElvesAnother term for Dark Elves, beings of Norse mythology
50.DyrfinnaA female name in Norse culture, possibly a warrior or seeress
Norse Names Starting With “D”

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