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Greek Letters Starting With “N”

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Embark on a mystical exploration through the realms of Greek mythology as we delve into names beginning with the letter ‘N.’ This collection introduces a pantheon of mythical figures, from the enigmatic Nyx, the goddess of the night, to the majestic nymph Naiad. Navigate the tales of heroes such as Nestor, known for his wisdom in the Trojan War. Each ‘N’ name carries with it the echoes of ancient narratives, weaving together stories of gods, goddesses, and extraordinary beings. Join us on this captivating journey where meanings unfold, offering glimpses into the timeless tapestry of Greek lore.

Most Popular Greek Letters Starting With “N”

1Nikos“Victor”MaleVariant of Nike, goddess of victory
2Nereus“Wet, moist”MaleOld man of the sea in Greek mythology
3Nymphadora“Gift of the nymphs”FemaleModern variant
4Nicosia“Victor”FemaleAncient city in Cyprus
5Nereida“Sea nymph”FemaleSea nymph in Greek mythology
6Nestor“Homecoming”MaleWise king in Greek mythology
7Nyx“Night”FemaleGoddess of the night
8Naiad“Water nymph”FemaleNymph associated with water
9Nereus“Wet, moist”MaleOld man of the sea in Greek mythology
10Nefeli“Cloud”FemaleCloud nymph in Greek mythology
11Nireus“Bee”MaleBeautiful Greek warrior in the Trojan War
12Nyssa“Beginning”FemaleNymph associated with trees
13Nicos“Victor”MaleVariant of Nike, goddess of victory
14Nireus“Bee”MaleBeautiful Greek warrior in the Trojan War
15Nysa“Goal, ambition”FemaleMountain in Greek mythology
16Nereus“Wet, moist”MaleOld man of the sea in Greek mythology
17Nymphas“Bridegroom”MaleEarly Christian saint
18Nike“Victory”FemaleWinged goddess of victory
19Nyx“Night”FemaleGoddess of the night
20Nausicaa“Burner of ships”FemalePrincess in the Odyssey
21Nyx“Night”FemaleGoddess of the night
22Narkissos“Narcissus”MaleMythological youth who fell in love with his own reflection
23Nausithous“Sailor”MaleKing in Greek mythology
24Nymphadora“Gift of the nymphs”FemaleModern variant
25Nereida“Sea nymph”FemaleSea nymph in Greek mythology
26Nestor“Homecoming”MaleWise king in Greek mythology
27Nysa“Goal, ambition”FemaleMountain in Greek mythology
28Nikephoros“Bearer of victory”MaleEpithet of various gods and emperors
29Nyssa“Beginning”FemaleNymph associated with trees
30Nireus“Bee”MaleBeautiful Greek warrior in the Trojan War

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