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Greek Names Starting With “C”

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Embark on a mythological journey through Greek names beginning with ‘C’. From the wise Chiron to the mysterious Circe, each name in this list is a window into the fascinating stories and characters of ancient Greece. These names, rich in history and symbolism, offer insights into the values, beliefs, and imagination of an ancient civilization that continues to captivate us today.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting with “C”

1Calliope“Beautiful voice”FemaleMuse of epic poetry
2Calypso“She that conceals”FemaleNymph who detained Odysseus
3Cassandra“She who entangles men”FemaleProphetess cursed to be unbelieved
4Castor“To shine”MaleOne of the Dioscuri, twin of Pollux
5Cerberus“Demon of the pit”MaleThree-headed dog guarding the Underworld
6Charybdis“Swallow” or “gulper”FemaleSea monster creating whirlpools
7Chiron“Hand”MaleWise centaur teacher of heroes
8Chloris“Greenish”FemaleGoddess of flowers
9Chronos“Time”MalePersonification of time, not to be confused with Cronus
10Circe“Bird”FemaleEnchantress who turned men into animals
11Clio“To make famous”FemaleMuse of history
12Clotho“Spinner”FemaleOne of the Fates, spinner of the life thread
13Clytemnestra“Famed for her suitors”FemaleWife of Agamemnon, known for her betrayal
14Coeus“Query” or “questioning”MaleTitan of intellect
15Creon“Ruler”MaleKing of Thebes in several Greek tragedies
16Crius“Ram”MaleTitan associated with constellations
17Cronus“Horned”MaleTitan father of Zeus, ruler of the Titans
18Cybele“Mountain mother”FemaleAncient Phrygian mother of the gods
19Cyparissus“Cypress tree”MaleYouth loved by Apollo, turned into a cypress
20Cyrene“Sovereign queen”FemaleNymph loved by Apollo
21Charon“Fierce brightness”MaleFerryman of the Underworld
22Cephalus“Head”MaleHero loved by the dawn goddess Eos
23Cetus“Sea monster” or “whale”MaleSea monster in the story of Andromeda
24Cephissus“Rivulet”MaleRiver god
25Coronis“Crow” or “raven”FemaleLover of Apollo
26Caeneus“New, fresh”MaleWarrior known for his invincibility
27Celaeno“Dark”FemaleOne of the Harpies
28Cepheus“Gardener”MaleKing of Aethiopia, father of Andromeda
29Clytie“Lovely, celebrated”FemaleNymph in love with Helios
30Creusa“Princess”FemaleDaughter of Erechtheus, wife of Xuthus
31Calchas“Bronze”MaleSeer of the Greek camp during the Trojan War
32Camilla“Young ceremonial attendant”FemaleVirgin warrior in the Aeneid
33Canace“Daughter of the wind”FemaleDaughter of Aeolus
34Caphaurus“Cape”MalePersonified as a mountain cape
35Carmanor“He who crops”MaleCretan harvest god
36Carnus“Flesh”MaleSeer and son of Zeus and Europa
37Carya“Nut”FemaleNymph associated with walnut trees
38Cecrops“Face with a tail”MaleFirst king of Athens, part man and part serpent
39Celaeno“Dark”FemaleOne of the Pleiades
40Celusa“Hide” or “conceal”FemaleNymph
41Cenchreis“Millet”FemaleMother of Andromeda
42Ceneus“Empty, vain”MaleThessalian king, subject of a metamorphosis
43Centaurus“Bull killer”MaleFather of the centaurs
44Cepheus“Gardener”MaleKing of Ethiopia, father of Andromeda
45Cercyon“Boar”MaleMythical king known for his strength
46Ceto“Sea monster”FemalePrimordial sea goddess
47Chaeron“Joy”MaleA minor figure in Greek mythology
48Chalciope“Bronze-faced”FemaleDaughter of Aeetes, sister of Medea
49Chalcodon“Bronze tooth”MaleKing in Euboea
50Chione“Snow”FemaleNymph or minor goddess associated with snow

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