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Celtic Names Starting With “H”

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In the enchanting world of Celtic names, each letter carries its own unique charm and history. In this article, we delve into the captivating realm of Celtic names that start with the letter H, unveiling their meanings, cultural significance, and timeless appeal.

1.HerneHorned oneGod associated with the wild hunt
2.HafganSummer songKing in Welsh mythology
3.Hu GadarnHu the mightyMythical ancestral figure
4.HueilThought, mindSon of Caw in Arthurian legend
5.HarlequinMysterious warriorCharacter in folklore
6.Hound of UlsterReference to CuchulainnEpithet of the hero Cuchulainn
7.HafrenSevern riverPersonification of the River Severn
8.HenwenOld whiteMythical sow
9.HeilynSun of the wineFigure in Welsh mythology
10.HellequinLeader of a ghostly troopMythological figure
11.HiberniaLand of winterPersonification of Ireland
12.HoniahakaLittle wolfCharacter in folklore
13.HoelEminentNephew of King Arthur
14.HowelEminentWelsh prince in legend
15.HuonHeart, mind, spiritHero of a French epic
16.Hueil of CornwallThoughtful, mindfulWarrior in Arthurian legend
17.HengroenOld skinKing Arthur’s horse
18.HorsaHorseMythical Jutish chieftain
19.HafganSummer songRival king to Arawn in Welsh mythology
20.HeilynSun of the wineSon of Gwyn in Welsh mythology
21.HengistStallionMythical Saxon leader
22.HorselHorseMythological figure
23.HerlaLeader of the wild huntMythological king
24.HarpocratesGod of silenceFigure in Hellenistic mythology
25.HenbeddestrFastest manWarrior in Welsh mythology
26.HyddwnStagSon of Caw in Welsh mythology
27.HychdwnHigh and mightySon of Caw in Welsh mythology
28.Hyfaidd HenHyfaidd the oldWelsh king in legend
29.HygwyddFamous, renownedServant in Welsh mythology
30.HyperboreaBeyond the North WindMythical land in Greek mythology
31.HyrieusHospitable, generousFigure in Greek mythology
32.HabrenSevern riverPersonification of River Severn
33.HafganSummer songKing in Welsh mythology
34.HalirrhothiusSon of PoseidonFigure in Greek mythology
35.HamadryadsTree nymphsSpirits in Greek mythology
36.HarpiesSnatchersCreatures in Greek mythology
37.HebeYouthGoddess of youth in Greek mythology
38.HecateFar reachingGoddess of magic in Greek mythology
39.HectorHolding fastHero in Greek mythology
40.HecubaFar offQueen in Greek mythology
41.HelenShining lightFigure in Greek mythology
42.HeliosSunSun god in Greek mythology
43.HelleShining lightFigure in Greek mythology
44.HellenGreekProgenitor of the Greeks
45.HemeraDayGoddess of day in Greek mythology
46.HephaestusGod of fire and metalworkingFigure in Greek mythology
47.HeraProtectorQueen of the gods in Greek mythology
48.HeraclesGlory of HeraHero in Greek mythology
49.HermesBoundary markerGod of trade in Greek mythology
50.HesperidesDaughters of the eveningNymphs in Greek mythology
Greek Names Starting With “H”

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