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Celtic Names Starting With “P”

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In the rich tapestry of Celtic culture and tradition, names hold a special significance. They often reflect the deep-rooted history, myths, and folklore of the Celtic people. In this exploration, we’ll delve into Celtic names that begin with the letter “P,” uncovering the captivating stories and meanings behind these monikers, offering a glimpse into the enchanting world of Celtic nomenclature.

1.PryderiCare, worryFigure in Welsh mythology
2.PwyllSense, discretionPrince in Welsh mythology
3.PenarddunChief beautyFigure in Welsh mythology
4.PartholonUnknownLeader in Irish mythology
5.PeredurHard spearsKnight in Arthurian legend
6.PendaranChief of thunderDruid in Welsh mythology
7.PedairFourFigure in Welsh mythology
8.PelinorUnknownKing in Arthurian legend
9.PenelopeWeaverFigure in Greek mythology
10.PercivalPierce the valleyKnight in Arthurian legend
11.PersephoneBringer of deathGoddess in Greek mythology
12.PerunThunderGod in Slavic mythology
13.PictorPainterFigure in Roman mythology
14.Pwyll Pen AnnwnPwyll, head of AnnwnTitle of Pwyll in Welsh mythology
15.PhilyraLover of musicFigure in Greek mythology
16.PhoenixCrimson or purpleMythical bird in Greek mythology
17.PhobosFearDeity in Greek mythology
18.PloutonWealthGreek form of Hades
19.PoseidonHusband of the earthGod of the sea in Greek mythology
20.PriamExceptionally courageousKing in Greek mythology
21.PrometheusForethoughtTitan in Greek mythology
22.ProteusFirstSea god in Greek mythology
23.PuckMischievousFairy in English folklore
24.Pwyll Pendefig DyfedPwyll, lord of DyfedTitle of Pwyll in Welsh mythology
25.PyrrhaRed-hairedFigure in Greek mythology
26.PadraigNoblemanIrish form of Patrick
27.PalamedesOld and cunningKnight in Arthurian legend
28.PalinurusOld sailorFigure in Roman mythology
29.PallasMaidenTitan in Greek mythology
30.PanAll, everythingGod in Greek mythology
31.PandionUnknownKing in Greek mythology
32.PandoraAll giftsFigure in Greek mythology
33.ParisWalletPrince in Greek mythology
34.PatroclusGlory of the fatherHero in Greek mythology
35.PegasusFrom a water springMythical horse in Greek mythology
36.PeliasDark waterKing in Greek mythology
37.PelopsDark eyesHero in Greek mythology
38.PenardimChief beautyAlternate form of Penarddun
39.PenthesileaCompulsive sorrowQueen in Greek mythology
40.PerseusTo destroyHero in Greek mythology
41.PhaedraBrightFigure in Greek mythology
42.PhaetonShiningFigure in Greek mythology
43.PhiloctetesLover of possessionHero in Greek mythology
44.PhineusOracleKing in Greek mythology
45.PirithousVery fierceHero in Greek mythology
46.PlutoWealthyRoman form of Hades
47.PolydeucesMuch sweet wineFigure in Greek mythology
48.PolyphemusMany voicesCyclops in Greek mythology
49.PriapusFruitfulGod in Greek and Roman mythology
50.ProcrustesHe who stretchesFigure in Greek mythology
Celtic Names Starting With “P”

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